Each sold separately. One supplied at Random. 

PENCIL SLICER - A very clever magic trick! The pencil can instantly be sliced into three, with three cut pieces clearly visible. Then the magician can reverse the action & the pencil is made whole again. Amazing!

EXPLODING DICE - Put a large dice into the magic case, give it one quick shake & the dice explodes into eight small dice. Incredible!

CUP AND BALL - These balls will magically appear in a cup twice, jump from one cup to another & fly from your pocket to the cup. Another classic magic trick that will continue to amaze forever.

ROPE TRICK - This little box contains a very clever rope trick! Spectators can see the rope instantly sliced in two, with the cut ends clearly visible – then the magician reverses the action & the rope is fully restored. Wow!

MAGIC NUMBERS - This little box includes two fantastic number tricks – one performed with cards & one with special sticks.

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