Established In 1827

In 1827, Nicholas Hopkins set up his own Ironmongers and General Merchants in the town’s Abbey Street, the likes of Charles Stewart Parnell & Robert Halpin all shopped here!

John Perrin Moves The Business

In 1868, Nicholas' first son, John Perrin who had trained in Arnotts, moved the business to today’s building on Main Street. There, with living quarters above a larger retail space, he had room to accommodate the growing business.

Cedric Arnold Takes Over

Cedric Arnold Hopkins was John Perrin's grandson. Harold and Cedric ran the shop during the 1940s until, in time, Harold’s family set up the second part of the business, Hopkins Homevalue Hardware. Cedric’s son, John Hopkins then took over the running of the Main Street shop

John Hopkins Becomes The 5th Generation

In the 1950's, John Hopkins set up one of the country's first supermarkets while his wife, Audrey, started a small toy shop on the first floor. Throughout the 1960s Hopkins was the main grocery supermarket in the locality, with the toy section going from strength to strength until it became a Toymaster member.

Fun Fact: We became the first Irish retailer of Lego when the founder visited the shop on his holidays!

Makeover & Diversifying (Again!)

In 2007 the shop underwent renovations and a fresh paint job, with colours which you have all come to know as Hopkins.

We now stock a huge range of toys, a large Card & Party range, as well as a Costume & Accessory section all upstairs. Downstairs we have an extensive Arts & Crafts department, as well as a wonderful selection of Stationery and Household items. At different times in the year we stock a wealth of Halloween merchandise, Christmas stocking fillers and decorations and Easter and Valentine's Day essentials, making us a true Emporium Over the years our range has earned us the unofficial title of 'the shop that has everything' from our customers, which we have embraced with pride!


We currently have John, Jacqui, Jean, Lauren & Heather, 5th, 6th & 7th Generations working alongside each other in the business.

In 2020 we took the business online due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and continued our efforts to adapt and change as earlier generations had done. For the first time we moved our inventory online, offering Click & Collect and National Home Delivery services!

We pride ourselves on our expertise in retail and on finding solutions to your problems. We know our customers appreciate the individual, special service and we are very aware of the uniqueness of the business we have inherited and the tradition and value to the community we serve, we hope people can enjoy a unique and magical shopping experience, with quality, value, range and service guaranteed and that we can continue to operate long into the future as we look forward to our 200th year in business!


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